Romans 13 Meme...Church under Covid

Churches mute, closed and used as medical experimentation centres...all in the name of Romans 13 and 'obeying the authorities'. It's no laughing matter, but maybe sometimes satire says more than theoretical, theological papers, or TGC articles? You decide, here are some Romans 13 meme images. Feel free to share them and use to spark some discussion around these thorny and pertinent issues...

Romans 13 Memes - Covid and Church

Honestly, I'm not a sarcastic person in everyday life, but this just came out in meme creativity. Forgive me for not being nice...especially since that's what we need more of in Church - 'niceness'. Oops, did it again...Seriously, though, do you think that there is a legitimate theological issue of contravening our freedom in Christ with all the Covid mandates within church buildings? I discuss this in depth in a chapter on Galatians in my 'Romans 13 and Covid 19' best-selling book.

Romans 13 Meme #1 - Open House of God

Did you know that Hitler routinely quoted Romans 13 in his speeches to try to quell dissent and force the German Church to comply to his dictates? Very few stood up against him, Dietrich Bonhoeffer was one and the Confessing Church to a lesser degree. I discuss this at length in my book too.

Romans 13 Meme #2 - Hitler

Remember being told by the authorities back in March 2020 that lockdowns would only be for three weeks to 'flatten the curve'? If governments had brought in all the mandates and restrictions that we face now back then, I'm sure the world and Church would have flatly rejected them and had the power to do so. But, like boiling a frog, little by little, we are now in a place of resigned weakness, compliance and dangerous compromise.

Romans 13 Meme #3 - Boiling Frog

I wonder if Oliver Hardy would be lamenting the Covid situation in his classic way?

Romans 13 Meme #4 - Another Fine Mess

Sadly, many Christians are 'parroting' Romans 13 as a reason to justify absolute submission to governments and many without even reading it carefully, studying it and weighing up with other Scriptures. Surely we must employ more diligence, discipline and courage in the Lord!

Romans 13 Meme #5 - Parrot

A helpful verse of many to weigh up against Romans 13:1-7 is Isaiah 5:20, which says, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

There are many, many overt and subtle evil practices being instituted and lauded under the Covid mandates and doctrines. We need to take this seriously with what our God says about standing firm against evil. Check out my 476-page book to help you in this exercise.

Romans 13 Meme #6 - Isaiah 5:20

If the Pilgrim Fathers had misread the Romans 13 text like so many Christians do today, they would probably have never set sail! Thankfully hadn't and they did :-)

Romans 13 Meme #7 - Pilgrim Fathers

My acclaimed best-selling book, 'Romans 13 and Covid 19: Knowledge, Warnings and Encouragement for the Church and World' explores all of these tricky subjects in a slightly more serious way. Do get yourself a copy for a truly thorough, well-researched and fact-checked appraisal of all things Covid and its wider context and a clear, Biblical roadmap for living faithfully and free in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ at this time.